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Wearable Technology for Soccer Players

When it comes to winning championships, teams must make sure their players are in top condition and are trained properly. With wearable technology, players and teams can see their statistics and make adjustments as needed, helping improve their overall performance when game day rolls around.



Viper Pod

Viper Pod measures and monitors of the players and streams the data live during training sessions or even during game day. Already used in many professional sports like the NFL, NBA, and 17 Premier League Teams,, Viper Pod tracks metrics including speed, acceleration, load distance, and heart rate. The statistics are gathered for the day or across the whole season to come up with the player’s strengths and areas that need improvement. This information is imputed and viewed by coaches and athletes to see what areas need to be improved for the athlete.




Dash is similar to the Viper Pod, but the information is imputed into the Dash app. Like the Viper Pod, Dash measures the player’s speed during the game and also their heart rate. Unlike the Viper Pod that is a wearable device, Dash is a small sensor that is placed on the athlete’s body. While it’s less advanced than the Viper Pod, the statistics are similar and it’s ease of use make it great for ametuer teams that want to improve. The app makes it easy for players to interact with each other.


OptimEye Devices


Created by Catapult Sports, OptimEye is an advanced wearable technology that helps players with their fitness levels and rehabilitation efforts. Catapult Sports created 4 different models: the OptimEye X4, G5, S5, and the OptimEye T5 Indoor Local Positioning System. There is even a model specific for rowers and canoers who want to improve their sport.


The OptimEye X4 measures force, turn rate, orientation, and backward/forward/sideways running, making it a great tool for soccer players.


The OptimEye G5 is the first ever wearable that is specifically for goalkeepers, and it’s used by over 400 sports organizations around the world. The wearable chest strap measures dives, jumps, accelerations, decelerations, changes in direction, and time for recovery, making a profile for the person wearing it overtime that is unique to the needs of the player.


The most advanced wearable that Catapult offers is the OptimEye S5, which is military tested and the world’s first Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) monitor for sports. This is the only wearable that tracks, monitors, and measures collisions, which makes it a great option for high impact sports