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The UEFA Champions League Fantasy Matches


With the first leg of the semi-finals for the UEFA Champions League already underway, one cannot help but imagine the possible outcomes for matchups that could potentially arise for the finals in Milan. As much as we can we can attest that to the high caliber level that all four teams can deliver for the finals, the history and backstory of each team will ultimately make the 2016 UEFA Champions League a storybook race for every club, manager, and player involved.

Now, getting to the finals is not an easy road. As the famous New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter had once stated, “One does not just show up to the finals.” With every top-level European teams battling it out for the ultimate glory, it is hard not to say that each club has already made a reputation and status within the soccer world. But as fans, we seek more. What ultimately makes soccer the most beautiful game in the world is the history and backstory that is fostered and cultivated each and every year. For some, that story goes back for years. For others, that chapter has just been written. Whatever is the case, the clash between the two finalists will definitely be one worth watching.

Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich

Having an already strong reputation, the possible matchup between the Spaniards and the German giants will always be exciting. While both teams have already assumed a variety of titles and accolades, the dream of attaining the Champions League crown will always and forever be in their club’s history. But what makes the story that much greater goes beyond the reputation of both of these extraordinary teams. Instead, it lies within the managers. For Real Madrid, Real Madrid legend Zinedine Zidane will be making his first appearance as head coach for with his beloved team in the Champions League finals. To add on to the pressure, Zinedine Zidane will be paired up against the tactical and trophy hungry Pep Guardiola, who in many cases, have been compared ever since Zidane assumed the role as head coach for Madrid. If this possible match up does arise, we could be seeing a legacy in the making.

Real Madrid versus Atletico Madrid

Ever since they were robbed of the 2014 UEFA Champions League finals within the final minutes of the game, Atletico has been trying to establish themselves as one of the best within the European world. Having made great strides within La Liga, the final redemption against their arch city rivals can only be settled within the finals. As a fan, seeing these two Spanish giants clash once again is not a wish, but a need within the futbol world. Their rich history and story of redemption is what truly personifies the passion, love, and drive for the most beautiful game in the world.

Manchester City versus Bayern Munich

Now, if you can ever ask for a storybook ending, Manchester City versus Bayern Munich is definitely one written in the stars. Earlier in the season, Pep Guardiola announced his leave with the German Giants to become the new head coach for Manchester City. To add to the controversy, many fans and critics alike have already questioned the man’s reputation if he does not win the Champions League trophy with Bayern Munich before his departure. As much as we can draw criticism for his failure to attain the trophy, Pep Guardiola has already made history with the Germans. Having amassed countless silverware, the 2016 UEFA Champions League crown will be something of wonders. But, like many cases, this task will not be easy. With Manchester City failing to clinch the Premier League title, their ultimate focus is for the European crown.