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The Failed Experiment of Louis van Gaal


After only entering his second year as Manchester United manager, the fans, critics, and former Manchester United players have openly criticized Louis van Gaal’s managerial style to a point where they believe that the Dutchman’s experiment has failed. While some people may say that the statement is uncalled for and frankly disrespectful to the decorated Dutchman, the results themselves speak loudly of the standard and expectations found at Old Trafford.

Since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United has been a shadow of their former selves in both the David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal eras. But why is this happen? Wayne Rooney is still the captain. David de Gea did not leave for Real Madrid. How can a team with such a powerhouse filled with players be doing so poorly in both the Premier League and Champions League run? The answer is simple. It is the manager.

The glaring truth for Louis van Gaal is that Manchester United should have been a huge competitor in both the EPL and Champions League group. Louis van Gaal has admitted to the press that they are, “a working progress.” But how can a manager say that after spending $150 million and another $80 million dollars (Euro) on big-money players during the 2015 summer transfer deadline? Clearly the talent is there and despite that lavish investment, the Dutchman has repeatedly to underperform in all games, regardless if they are wins or losses.

This week’s loss to Wolfsburg (3-2) and elimination from the Champions League run has now highlighted the true elephant in the room, Louis van Gaal. While Mata and Martial performed, the team looked lacklustered to play compared to the 1999 Manchester United comeback to Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final. Here, as been stated in multiple interviews with former Manchester United players Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand, they believe that the prime factor for United’s decline is Van Gaal and his scattergun management style. While the idea seemed like the must needed revitalization to bring the Red Devils back to their former glory, today it is only the hammer to the casket of Sir Alex Ferguson’s work. The tactical play, lack of creativity, and lifeless of acting questions if this Red Devil manager truly understands what the Theater of Dreams is really made of.

With that being stated, I would not be surprised if Van Gaal is forced to leave after Christmas break. Rather than spending our funds on another overly priced players, we need to be looking at new options for managers. For now, the millions of fans all around the world will have to sit and wait until a final decision is made. Hopefully it will be one who well deserves to be at Manchester United.