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Is Jose Mourinho really the answer for Manchester United?


After two disappointing seasons, the departure of Louis van Gaal was, in itself, inevitable. Even with the Dutchman’s exhilarating FA Cup win against Crystal Palace, the mere idea of silverware is not what the club, the players, and the fans expected from someone with such an illustrious background. Instead, the Manchester United community was looking for someone to spark the sheer essence that personified the history and glory of the club. They were looking for the electricity, fire, and passion that were once bestowed upon them at each and every match. But most importantly they were looking for the next Sir Alex Ferguson to lead United back to glory. With Jose Mourinho, the Special One, set to assume the reigns for next season, I have to ask this one simple question: Is Mourinho really the answer for Manchester United?


When answering this question, we have to evaluate it in two ways: performance and history. As much as we would like to consolidate the two into the very entity that encompasses the Red Devils, this is simply not possible. Just taking a look the present state of Manchester; we are no longer the powerhouse club that uses to spark fear amongst competitors. We are no longer the dynasty that can compete with the best clubs in the world. Instead, we are a shadow of our former selves who are trying to rebuild our way back to glory. As difficult as it is to be within that state, we need to see the positive within all of this. It’s like that infamous saying; “Sometimes you need to take two steps back in order to take ten steps forward.” In order to move forward, we have to decide what is the club’s main priority: Winning or Style? With Jose taking over, many fans, players, and critics have questioned his overall fit with this illustrious club.


Now, it goes without saying that Jose Mourinho has earned his marker as one of the best managers in the world. His ingenuity, strategy, and prowess for winning have led to a wide amount of success with his former clubs. But as great as he is, the man is simply a quick fix to quick titles. Yes, he can eventually lead United in attaining the league title. But for the culture, the play, and the overall atmosphere of the game, I personally do not think he fits the role of Manchester United. At the end of the day, the type of football that is expected from Old Trafford is the football cultivated and fostered by Sir Alex Ferguson. There is no question Mourinho will not succeed at the club. But if he wants to stay, the Special One will need to reflect and alter his style to the betterment of the club.