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Future Manager Manchester United Should Consider


As we come out of the festive period, the current standing of Manchester United have improved in both form and results. But with the ever-growing lack of stability, we have to continue to speculate whether or not Louis van Gaal can make it to the end of the season.

During this year, head coach and manager Louis van Gaal has left the fans and soccer critics with concerns and doubts in his missions to improve Manchester United to its former glory. The backs-and-forth banter with the media, in turn, had left an unsettling discourse with Van Gaal in which he asked the press to apologize for their vindictive and negative behavior.

While we cannot fully blame Van Gaal for the disappointing run United has endured during this season, we also need to start thinking about the future. Since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, Manchester United has not been able to recreate those gung ho, do-anything-it-takes, moments we as fans loved, cried, and cheered each and every game. In addition, even if Van Gaal is to stay as head coach, we are still on borrowed time.

So who should hold the reigns for Old Trafford?

I personally believe the only three best fitting and available managers for Manchester United are: 1. Ryan Giggs, 2. Pep Guardiola, and 3. Jose Mourinho. While there are many speculations for where these three individuals may be going next year, they are the few individuals who can embody and personify the history, culture, and success only seen for from Sir Alex Ferguson.

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Ryan Giggs

The Welish football coach and former Manchester United talisman has been heavily speculated in assuming the throne as head coach for Manchester united. Having played his entire professional career for Manchester United, Ryan Giggs understands the history, vision, and philosophy of  both Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson. After his illustrious twenty-four year career with the Red Devils, Giggs was appointed as a player-assistant coach for United in July 2013 with then-manager David Moyes. After Moyes’s sacking, Giggs took over the club as interim manager that compiled of two wins, a draw, and one defeat for the final four games of the 2013-2014 season. When Louis van Gaal was appointed head manager for the Red Devils, Giggs became a permanent replacement as assistant manager for the new boss. With this type of professional experience and understanding on and off the pitch, it is no question that Giggs knows the ins-and-outs of what is to be a Manchester United coach.

Pep Guardiola

Some refer to him as the greatest coach of all time. Others refer to him as a savior of soccer. Whether you love him or hate him, Pep Guardiola clearly knows what he is doing. With an illustrious year as a Barcelona player, Barcelona coach, and currently, Bayern Munich manager, it is hard to overlook a man who has won everything there is to win in this game. One of the greatest things about Pep is that he simply observes and listens to the game, similar that to Ferguson. He soaks up his colleagues working methods and conceptualizes what it is in creating a strong and unified team. That is really the definition for success. While there are many suitors looking to take the talents of Pep to their clubs like city rivals Manchester City or Chelsea F.C., Manchester United and their board need to see Pep as a realistic manager and provide him a strong offer to Old Trafford. If there is anyone who can turn United around, it is Guardiola.


Jose Mourinho

While some may have their reservations for Jose Mourinho, the notoriously self proclaimed “special one” does have the talents, attitude, and coaching mentality to handle the United in the best possible way. Yes, his firing from Chelsea was a blemish to his near-perfect resume. But what we need to understand is that while he may not be a perfect fit for Chelsea, he can certainly be a driving force for the Red Devils. No matter where Mourinho went, he has seen success. In addition, he has also coached and performed at the best of the best such as Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid. Though his second stint at Chelsea ended with disgrace, Manchester United need to understand the value that Jose can bring in rebuilding the entire franchise.