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Spencer Dulal-Whiteway is a Trinidad native and efficiency expert who enjoys a number of fulfilling hobbies, ranging from fitness to religion and everything in between. He currently lives and works in New York City, but one of his biggest passions is traveling. He has traveled to over forty states in the United States. Washington, D.C. during Christmastime remains his favorite travel experience to this day, but he has also visited major cultural landmarks in the United States, such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Beyond North America, Spencer has traveled to Europe and the Caribbean. He loves Barbados, Antigua, and especially Jamaica because he has friends who live there.


Although he is a world traveler and now resides in the United States, Spencer Dulal-Whiteway remains heavily involved in Trinidadian culture, particularly sports. Because of the country’s deep English roots and traditions, Trinidadians avidly follow and participate in soccer (of course, they call it football) and cricket. Spencer has fond memories of playing sports and idolizing players on the Manchester United squad during his childhood, and he continues to love the games to this day. He also has a deep love for swimming that stems from a young age– his mother enrolled him in swimming lessons when he was just five years old. He is a certified lifeguard and enjoys the meditative aspect of swimming, as well as its health benefits. Finally, Spencer loves horse racing, having come from a family of prominent horse racers. His father previously owned a horse with the most successive wins in the history of Caribbean horse racing, and Spencer grew up around the sport.

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In addition to physical hobbies, Spencer Dulal-Whiteway loves to learn new things, stimulate his mind, and strategize in business and beyond. He achieves this not only through his career in consultancies and logistic support, but through a game: all-fours. The card game, English in origin, is a “cousin” of bridge and requires high analytical ability, math, statistics, and general adaptability. (Spencer likes to refer to it as “the game of CEOs” because it calls for the constant equivalent of economic game theory.)  In 2004, Spencer led a team of players to a win in the World Championships, and he was named the Most Valuable Player with a cumulative 23 out of 25 wins. He holds that record to this day and continues to play in the Trinidadian NSL Premier Tournament and the All-fours Alliance of America’s regional tournament.

Religion is also very important to Spencer and he has been a Eucharistic Minister at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in South Ozone Park, Queens for about five years. He is inspired by his grandmother, who he sees as the “spiritual pillar” of his whole family, and he enjoys giving back to the Catholic community.